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Our Story

We are a husband and wife U.S. Air Force veteran team venturing into the business world after serving 40+ years of military service.  

Our Company is based out of Aurora, CO.  Beth is the President of our minority-veteran-disabled-woman-owned business.  Beth has work experience in the military, education and non-profit sectors.  Tri is the Chief Operating Officer.  His family came to the U.S. as refugees from Vietnam in 1975.  Tri retired as a Colonel from the United States Air Force and worked for the City of Phoenix.

We are using our specialized knowledge to make 5th Aliment (patented all-inclusive nutritional supplement powder) for military Special Operations forces and civilian ultra sports athletes and activities through a licensing agreement with the U.S. Air Force.

We are civic and service-minded. Making 5th Aliment provides an opportunity give back to the U.S. military while using our skills and talents to contribute a needed product for the marketplace to support health and fitness lifestyles. 

There is nothing like 5th Aliment on the market.  We strived to make the simplest and most natural product possible and it's manufactured in the USA.  We hope you will enjoy 5th Aliment and will take it with you wherever you go and whatever you do for your nutritional and fitness needs.

- Be Uncommon By Deed.

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